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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  October 5, 2014 11:35pm-12:01am EDT

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from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news washington weekly. >> president obama helped dedicate a new memorial to disabled veterans today. disabledcans veterans for life memorial is located near the u.s. capitol. richard reid spoke with the veterans about the project that has been decades in the making. >> fire and water are at the center of this memorial. ground.f sacred honoring american veterans disabled, mentally and physically, in battle. >> anyone that would take a bullet for you and not even know your name, i think they deserve some support. >> on the sunny fall day, president obama was among those dedicating the memorial.
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moment of you endured a that shaped your lives. >> there are about 4 million veterans disabled by war in this country. hundreds came here sunday, speaking a hard truth. >> every time you go into conflict, somebody is going to get hurt. >> federal law bars the construction of any memorial on or near the national mall. since 25 years has passed the last surviving member of the involved group has passed. the $81 million cost was raised privately. among the grass paneling, the messages, are also words of strength and healing. >> when you meet your fears, those things, you hit that wall where you think all is lost, that is when the healing starts. >> look them in the eye and say the words every veteran should
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here. welcome home. thank you. we need you. >> richard reid abc 7 news. >> the tallest building in the d.c. metro area shy of the washington monument sits in rosslyn. it has been around for one year. believe it or not, it is still empty. >> at 37 stories, it is the tallest building in the d.c. metro area. for more than 365 days, it has sat empty. withr ago, we toured executives from the building's owners. if theyt a matter of will have a major tenant, but when. >> the location and the benefits that rosslyn has to offer, we felt it was a real reasonable bet. bet has yet million to pay off.
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>> i would love to see them get someone in there. >> as this building sits dormant, just across the street, construction on two new skyscrapers is on the way, leading many to wonder -- >> [indiscernible] >> it is all happening at a difficult time for the real estate market in northern virginia. experts say this is the worst the commercial market has been in this area in 25 years. they say there are some 40 buildings either entirely empty or less than 1% occupied in northern virginia. >> that is a lot. >> venture capitalist jonathan -- >> there has been a change in technology. expect the commercial market will bounce back, but it could be up five years before
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many of the 40 sites are swapped out for occupied ones. more changes coming to a location in rosslyn known as the intersection of doom. arlington county and the virginia department of transportation changed the timing of traffic lights at lee highway and north lynn street. the change should give cyclists and pedestrians more time to cross the street. a no turn on red sign will be installed for those exiting i-66. county officials hope the safety upgrades will decrease the number of accidents at that intersection. a d.c. neighborhood has been named among the 10 best places in the country. the american planning association named adams morgan one of the 10 best neighborhoods in the country this year. they credited nightlife, cultural diversity, festivals and farmers markets. the group also cited the addition of trees and green
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areas in recent years. coming up, a look at what is happening in the week ahead. we will examine some of the issues the supreme court will address when justices begin their new term. plus, really could be on the way for drivers in maryland. we will explain how it involves expanding the shoulder. >> grab your jacket heading out the door tomorrow morning. it is going to be a chilly start put a wild finish.
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>> breaking news in the ebola crisis. a medical center in all maha says an ebola patient will arrive monday morng. the patient is believed to be an american cameraman infected while working for nbc news in liberia. he was diagnosed last thursday and left liberia on a specially equipped plane today. looking at the week ahead, the u.s. supreme court starts a new term on monday. justices will hear a number of appeals including two discrimination cases that examine religious obligations and the scope of federal fair housing laws. the high court delayed a decision on whether to hear new cases on the issue of same-sex marriage. officials in five states including virginia have asked the supreme court to decide whether state bans on same-sex marriages are constitutional.
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also on monday, the washington redskins host of the seattle seahawks at fedex field. 8:30 kickoff. the redskins trying to get their second win of the season and break a two-game losing stick. plan to try to busysome congestion on 270. the plan would be to expand the shoulder between frederick and shady grove. how it would work and when it could happen. 270, the curse of commuters heading to d.c.. >> about two and a half hours to come back. >> myers survived his commute thanks to two things. >> satellite radio -- >> he isn't burning any gas today. he is spending the day in the parking lot dealing with a broken down car, watching other commuters pass by.
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>> it is solid traffic all the way to d.c. >> it may be eased by a long-range plan formed by local governments. 270ould widen 33 miles of along a stretch where country roads turn to urban clutter. there is another alternative proposed to ease traffic on this highway. the idea is to widen just the shoulder. supposed to be an incentive to get people out of their cars and onto the buses. sean needs his car every day, so he can't even use commuter buses like this one that go from frederick county to the district. if those buses want to try the shoulder, he says, more power to them. so-called bushe on shoulder plan will need patience too. the maryland department of transportation has stayed away
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from the idea but the long-range plan continually takes public input. abc 7 news. a lookng up, eileen with at the work week forecast.
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up around thed block in southeast d.c. as part of an effort to get their utilities restored. some of those d.c. residents
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have been without electricity and other services for several months. -- samchief sam's board ford spoke with some of the people waiting in the long lines. >> we want to get everybody in. around theed up former city services building and wrapped around the block. they all have at least one thing in common, they are in the dark. >> our electricity was shut off. >> it is time to give us some help out here. all we can do is -- >> the beginning of a new fiscal year means d.c.'s low income energy assistance program that used up its budget last year has money again to help people get their lights and gas back on. >> we have seen the bill today at $7,000. we cannot pay all of it but we will help as much as we can. pepco $786.
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>> i have been trying to hold on. finally they cut it off to an a half weeks ago. >> they were allowed in in groups to register and tell their stories. councilmember marion barry arrived, saying welfare benefits have contributed to this. >> poor people are getting kicked in the behind. >> he is organizing a protest tonight at union central church. >> i was a little complacent but now i need help. help,n if you qualify for it could take up to 10 days to get your utilities back on. at least the process is starting. reporting from southeast washington, sam ford. >> $7,000 electrical bill. con is note air going to be on tonight. you can open up the windows and let the cool air in. >> chilly air, maybe adding a few extra blankets. that is what i did last night. it is going to be chilly
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tonight. n national wereaga are at 56 degrees. clear skies out now. it was a little cool today. it certainly felt like fall this first october weekend. .5 degrees our average this time of year, 72. last night in d.c., we dropped down to 44 degrees. our average low of 55. the record high, 96, the hottest recorded temperature in october. october 5 was the first time we recorded any snow in d.c. back in 1892. note know in our forecast but we do have chilly temperatures. 56 in quantico, 48 in lexington park. the really cold air is still up in canada. we don't have to worry about the upper 30's here in town for the overnight hours. maybe farther north and west but
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there are mild temperatures off to the south. high pressure settling in over the south will turn our wind more southerly and help to warm us up. lull isis upper-level bringing in waves of reciprocation. falling ine rain ohio and indiana, even through west virginia. this should stay west of our viewing area. i think more rain for us for the day tuesday. tuesday will be the day you want to bring the umbrella with you. tonight, clear and cool. upper 30's topper 40's downtown. it is going to be chilly but not quite as cold as last night. kids will want to bundle up tomorrow at the bus stop. temperatures are going to be on the cool side. through the afternoon, it will be breezy but milder with highs in the upper 60's to low 70's. for folks heading out the fedex field for the redskins game, tomorrow, temperatures will start off in the upper 60's and
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fall towards the end of the game. it will be nowhere near as cold as it was for the nationals game last night. showers back in our forecast tuesday, friday and early saturday morning. >> not bad. speaking of the redskins, coming up, getting involved in the redskins name debate. learn what the agency is deciding and how it will impact.
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>> the team may not be hot but the debate over the redskins name is going strong. the fcc considering whether to ban the word "redskins" from airwaves after a local college professor filed a complaint. horace holmes talked to the professor and fans. >> don't use that offensive word unnecessarily. complaint tohn's the fcc. he wants broadcasters to stop using the redskins name, claiming its use on air overtime is harmful. >> the constant repetition of that word harms. >> i think it is up to the country to decide whether this is an offensive word and whether or not we want it on television, not up to a professor at george washington. >> he has successfully battled to get commercials off tv. he says he is confident to get
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broadcasters to stop using the redskins name. >> i don't think you should ban people from saying the word. saves chairman of the fcc they would consider the complaint, saying there are -- >> the redskins have been called that for so long, but it is time for change. feel that it is. >> bears and tigers, except to they can't talk, but they might be unhappy too. kansas city chiefs are worried, i suppose. horace holmes, abc 7 news. countyce george's firefighters doing their part to raise awareness for breast cancer. check out their new fire truck. they are calling it the proud to be pink engine.
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the firefighters held a special dedication in capitol heights. they say they are hoping to raise awareness one pink truck at a time. we are encouraging you take abc's pink pledge to learn more about cancer. pink to takeom\ the pledge.
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